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        Smart password villa door lock is a password authorization, so that we can password to a different person, so if a friend came, if we can not directly at home can give him a password authorization, so do not have silly in the villa door Waiting for it. And this license is valid, expired after it may be invalid, but it is also safe, if we will give us a friend will be harmless.
        There are smart password villa door lock is connected with the phone, the general is through the phone app can then visit our password villa door, then enter the password can be unlocked. There is also a timely induction through the phone to unlock. But if our phone is no electricity how to do? So we see a problem may be to charge the phone treasure away from the body.
        Password door There is a door lock is a fingerprint, but there may be left after we will leave a fingerprint, so that after our security is not good.
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